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A quality we all are born with and the one that our learning is based in. In our early years, it makes us question and wonder what surrounds us. Unfortunately, it diminishes with time in most of us. In certain subjects this curiosity keeps latent and pushes them to be in a state of perpetual alarm concerning the world. It makes them active subjects, awakened and eager people, embarking on new paths and formulae whenever possible. But this quality is not enough for itself if it's not channelled with a really good technical foundation and a certain organizational discipline that keeps it from becoming mental chaos.

In every selection process that I do, I keep an eye on the degree their curiosity is developed and apparent, for I believe it to be a feature highly valued in IT, specially in web design, which is noted for its perpetual innovation and re-evaluation, faster than in any other sector.

Next question would be, how can you measure curiosity? No doubt, for facts. A real inquisitive fellow is the one that is self-taught, the one who learns the last software actualizations when they launch the market. The one who goes to conferences, that surfs the net and interacts with social networks way before others. I would dare to say that this subject tried to do a similar project. It's possible that he organized a internet community of a certain framework, or that she contributes with regularity with open source projects. This kind of information is rarely written in CV's, and it's a pity that in a quick interview doesn't come around. Come on, do you want to discover if the person you have in front of you is curious? You could ask what he did when he was in college, when she arrived home after classes or what were they doing in the breaks of that really long class of Operative Systems. They were surely reading a PHP Manual that found in the library that morning. Do you want another strong proof? You can ask the possibilities in developments of applications concerning the new mobile technologies. Believe me. Their eyes will be gleaming.

PUBLISHED BY: Sandra Espinosa Cano 15/04/2011