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Custom E-commerce software

Samarco Trading Solutions

Samarco Trading Solutions is a set of software applications that completely support the business of purchase and resale of used electronic devices. We help recycling companies to increase their revenue and reduce costs.
This platform is a product created by Samarco after years of developing similar E-commerce tools for several companies.


Adaptive Maintenance

Zonzoo Group websites in eight countries

Samarco has performed the adaptive maintenance of Zonzoo's web site for buying used mobile phones, using the same development to open new channels of online trade for the firm in Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, UK, Portugal and Dubai.


Customized development and engineering

Zonzoo Dealer System

Samarco has developed and deployed the Zonzoo Dealer application in more than two thousand points of sale of distribution chains as Vodafone, Media Markt, Saturn, Grupo El Corte Inglés, Sharaf DG, amongst others, allocated in five countries for the firm to make a valuation and buy used mobile phones.


Marketing Tools and Incentives

Platform for incentive management e-motiva

E-motiva supplies monitoring and sales record tools for commercial representatives of several marketing venues of Vodafone Spain, allowing them to launch both constant and specific bonus on selected commercial targets and products.


Customized Management Content

Madrid Gestión

Madrid Gestion's new web has been adapted and structured in order to carry out the updating advertising real state development and dynamic content by means of managing digital content


Customized development and engineering

System for the sales process management of car dealers

The system Samarco developed for the sales process management of car dealers is a comprehensive tool that withstands every stage of the sales business in car dealerships. It includes the search, valuation, cataloguing and full documentation of the vehicle and the maintenance of commercial actions made on it.


Customized Management Content


The developed customized management content for Artyco's web puts together a structure of web codes with a private management in order to allow a non-restricted design elaborated with a really easy management on the customer's side.


Multimedia development

Linex Cyber School, four language version

The online course adds in a very visual and interactive way explanations and practice exercises to guide the students of Fundación Telefónica cyber schools.


Solutions for the Educational Field

Online education platform Educca

The online education platform Educca is the basis of our application for online courses management. It includes all the communication and following tools that you will need for this teaching activity.


Solutions for digital content open source managers

Masters degree in management Engineering website for UPM

MIO page is just an example of customization in a solution on managing digital contents "out of the box" as Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress.


Applications for the Public Sector

UPM platform for sports management

The system for sports management allows the administration of all the sport-related activities in campus, from registrations, students and teacher's record, reservations of playing fields and courts to the schedule of sports competitions and sporting events.


Web Design and usability

Getting our web project to be both appealing and functional requires to make decisions depending on the corporate identity we want communicate using our IT application same time we put ourselves in the shoes of our future users.

In Samarco we make this analysis to provide you with a complete proposal of corporate identity, destined for web or other media.

Web development

As our name shows, our aim is dealing with challenges our worldwide customers present us with, by means of engineering, giving you the appropriate solution to your business needs, assessing time and costs.

We apply formal development methodologies, dividing the project into phases and helping the client to define the detailed business requirements to perform the most optimal project plan tailored to those needs and adapted to delays, transparent costs and realistic.

Social media

A lot of these social networks are a target for firms that want to yield benefits from the kind of visibility that could be theirs, if only they interacted with these social networks.

In Samarco we will advise you on how best to integrate their web applications with social networks, or how to enter them through a specialized development such as a Facebook application or your own social network.


Our team specializes in developing worldwide electronic trading platforms.

With proven experience in over eight countries, we will advise you on the best solution for launching your business, managing your own catalog, connection with logistics companies, payment gateways, Internet positioning and analysis of your online marketing campaigns.

Online marketing

We have worked with major online marketing agencies at European level, implementing affiliate campaigns, track marketing campaigns and measuring results, metric conversion setting and monitoring leads.

We are the partner you need to integrate your web applications and marketing strategy in the most optimal.


In Samarco we are continually learning process in all that surrounds our industry. Our staff is experienced in all modern web development technologies: Content management systems, frameworks, e-commerce solutions, among others.

We believe one of the best ways to be a market leader is to organize training seminars, which are taught by people who work every day with such knowledge, making them a practical reality of business.

Mobile devices

In the era of smartphones, tablet-pcs and other emerging mobile devices, Samarco committed to the development of web applications compatible with any device, using Web technologies like HTML5 and interfaces adapted to the screen.

We also have development resources on specific technologies such as IOS or Android, for applications to be installed natively on the devices due to business requirements to be addressed.

Open source platforms

For some projects, the best solution is to not reinvent the wheel but leverage the potential of open source solutions already on the market, on which to develop and customize the system to the client.

Web applications such as Blogs, Online Retailers, Content Management Systems, CRM, Social Networking, can be easily configured and run assuming a cost below that of a project developed from scratch, as long as the customer's business requirements can fit in the solution designed.


For those applications or websites available to public, we make a comprehensive analysis of our customer `business aim to prepare development in a way that optimizes and highlights the contents that improve the placement and promotion of the key words that could attract objective users. Also, if one of the customers aims is making marketing campaigns online, we plan the development to make a comprehensive following of the effectiveness of every campaign and the behaviour of referred users.

Agile development methodologies

We use agile software development methodologies, in order to guarantee the adaptable management of every project without losing the necessary components to control the analysis process, design, development, implementation and quality assurance.

Web engineering

Welcome to our website. Here in Samarco we want to help you in each and every one of the stages of development of your web project. We advise you to choose the best technological solution for your idea, the design of the user's interface, the look & feel and the system architecture, the chosen programming languages, the implementation and later maintenance and evolution if your system requires it.

Our specialization are platforms PHP & MySQL, using frameworks MVC like Symfony, Cake or Zend. We also work with open source solutions like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Magento.

Besides these technologies, we have in our team skilful software developers in Java, JSP, ASP.NET, Flex & Action Script, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Websphere, amongst others.
Here in Samarco we do get involved with our customers business aims, because your success is ours too.

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