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Our projects


Samarco Trading Solutions

Custom E-commerce software

Samarco Trading Solutions is a set of software applications that completely support the business of purchase and resale of used electronic devices. We help recycling companies to increase their revenue and reduce costs.


ClientSamarco Ingeniería Web
ProjectCustom E-commerce software
SectorTechnology and Recycling

Project Development

This platform is a product created by Samarco after years of developing similar E-commerce tools for several companies. During this time Samarco not only took part in these projects developing software but also defining and optimizing processes in different areas of the business. Samarco Trading Solutions synthesizes all this experience and offers a set of solutions that are usable, flexible, and, specially, of proven success as they have been used in real scenarios:

  • Purchase tools through direct and indirect channels:
    • Direct purchase website.
    • Device valuation and purchase tool aimed for independent agents.
    • Device valuation and purchase tool aimed for points of sale.
    • Integration with several courier companies.
  • Purchase services administration:
    • Reporting and monitoring of business KPIs and other data.
    • Payment, discrepancy and returns management.
    • Partners, commissions, points of sale, agents, etc, management.
  • Warehouse management tool:
    • Reception, verification, discrepancy and returns management modules.
    • Sorting, monitoring and customization of stock management based on flexible rules.
    • Packing and delivery modules.
  • Sales management tool:
    • Products, price, profit and direct costs management.
    • Batches and received offers management.
    • Sales reporting.

Zonzoo Group websites in eight countries

Adaptive Maintenance

Samarco has performed the adaptive maintenance of Zonzoo's web site for buying used mobile phones, using the same development to open new channels of online trade for the firm in Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, UK, Portugal and Dubai.


ClientZonzoo GmbH
ProjectAdaptive Maintenance
SectorTechnology and Recycling

Project Development

Samarco has performed the adaptive maintenance of Zonzoo sites in several European countries. With corrective maintenance in existing countries and launching in new ones using the same technology.

During every launching, Samarco has coordinated the integration of every e-commerce site with a lot of partners involved in different stages of the business, making logistics interconnections, or multiple pay forms, amongst others.

Zonzoo Dealer System

Customized development and engineering

Samarco has developed and deployed the Zonzoo Dealer application in more than two thousand points of sale of distribution chains as Vodafone, Media Markt, Saturn, Grupo El Corte Inglés, Sharaf DG, amongst others, allocated in five countries for the firm to make a valuation and buy used mobile phones.


ClientZonzoo GmbH
ProjectCustomized development and engineering
SectorTechnology and Recycling

Project Development

The project was developed as an highly modular platform, scalable and prone to be used worldwide as a centralized system of buying cellular phones from points of sale.

For user's interface we made several tests of usability so we could optimize the use depending on the user's profile located in points of sale.

e_motiva platform

Marketing Tools and Incentives

E-motiva supplies monitoring and sales record tools for commercial representatives of several marketing venues of Vodafone Spain, allowing them to launch both constant and specific bonus on selected commercial targets and products.


ProjectAdaptive Maintenance
SectorPhones, Marketing and Incentives

Project Development

During initial phase the maintenance of the project was based in managing contents, creating specific reports, and massive data charges with previous filtering and validating. Later we put in the platform promotions, specific bonus, estimated results, and assignments of more complex prizes, and in order to do that, we had to develop the system functionalities.

Samarco adapted the data model in order to make it more flexible, to satisfy new business requirements and make easy the management of promotions and incentives, associate outcomes and bonus, and prepared the application for future promotions of any kind.

System for the sales process management of car dealers

Customized development and engineering

The system Samarco developed for the sales process management of car dealers is a comprehensive tool that withstands every stage of the sales business in car dealerships. It includes the search, valuation, cataloguing and full documentation of the vehicle and the maintenance of commercial actions made on it.


ProjectCustomized development and engineering

Project Development

Although it was designed at first just as a system of managing data of the buying second-hand cars process, later it evolved with Samarco’s work to support every stage in the dealership, connecting the index of in stock vehicles with online sales channels as same sector webs.

It's designed with a hierarchy of users by roles and access levels. The system allows segmentation on the work of every person in the dealership, making easy at the same time the opening and checking of every segmented sales report, just as the supervisors need them.


Customized Management Content

The developed customized management content for Artyco's web puts together a structure of web codes with a private management in order to allow a non-restricted design elaborated with a really easy management on the customer's side.


ProjectCustomized Management Content
SectorIT consulting and Data Base

Project Development

The developed management content in this project had to rise to the challenge of a really dynamic and original visual design. That prevented us from using any customized open source solution, having to program the content structure in a narrow way with the organization of a management content that was easy and quick to use, and that allowed for changing in every section of the page.

Fundación Telefónica Cyber school

Multimedia development

The online course adds in a very visual and interactive way explanations and practice exercises to guide the students of Fundación Telefónica cyber schools.


ClientVolando Vengo
ProjectMultimedia development
SectorE-learning and Technology

Project Development

The cyber school project was developed using multimedia and actionscript technology combined in order to provide a really intuitive, easy experience to the user. By means of practice exercises that simulate the behaviour of real IT programs, you can go further in every one of the lessons made for learning more about how your computer is operating and, also, Internet.