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The Company

Samarco Ingeniería Web gets consolidated as firm in 2007 in Madrid, being its main activity the development of IT applications for business solutions, using concepts and methodologies of software engineering.

The company is located in Madrid, where the business management and projects are centralized.

Most of our clients develop have Internet in the core of their activities, in sectors such as telecommunications, electronics and cars, or even state college degrees, amongst others.


As our name shows, our aim is dealing with challenges our worldwide customers present us with, by means of engineering, giving you the appropriate solution to your business needs, assessing time and costs.


Our personal and corporate values are:

  • The courage, effort and sacrifice
  • The integrity and honesty
  • The feedback, whether positive or negative
  • The respect for people and their job
  • The passion for learning and growing every day

Competitive advantages

Young team

Samarco has a young team, very dynamic and motivated to bring best possible service to our customer.

High Quality

We do have a wide group of software engineers highly qualified.


Multicultural team with experience in business management, whether it's talking Spanish or English. We have worked in international markets as Germany, U.K., Holland or Emirates amongst others.


Adaptability with development methodologies and environments.


Large experience with working for far-off customers, teams and infrastructures.